Banff Jasper Relay

The Banff Jasper Relay is completed in 15 stages.

The 15 stages are split into 2 phases that take place simultaneously. The race route has been split this way to ensure the entire race is completed in daylight hours.

The South Phase (S1-S6) starts at Castle Mountain Junction, just North of the Banff townsite on the 1A Highway, and ends at Saskatchewan River Crossing.

The North Phase (N7-N15) starts at Saskatchewan River Crossing and travvels through the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains in Banff and Jasper National Parks to end in the Jasper townsite.

Below is an overview of the race course stages.

Overview of Course Stages

Please review the Captains manual for reference and more detailed information. Important changes from 2022: Bus Procedures for S2 and S3 and distances for N9 and N10.



South phase – Lake Louise to Saskatchewan River Crossing 

  • Stage S1: Castle Mountain – 14.8 km – Easier

  • Stage S2: Baker Creek – 18 km – Moderate 

  • Stage S3: Herbert Lake – 20.3 km – Hard

  • Stage S4: Mosquito Creek – 16.1 km – Moderate

  • Stage S5: Bow Summit – 17 km –Moderate

  • Stage S6: Waterfowl Lake – 18.4 km – Moderate


North phase – Norman Creek to Jasper  

  • Stage N7: North Start Sask. River Crossing – 16.4 km – Easier

  • Stage N8: Norman Creek – 17.5 km – Hard

  • Stage N9: Big Bend – 12.6 km – Hard (Reduced km as of 2022)

  • Stage N10: Columbia Icefields – 19.9 km –Hard (Increased km as of 2022)

  • Stage N11: Beauty Creek – 19 km –Easier

  • Stage N12: Endless Chain – 14.4 km –Easier

  • Stage N13: Buck Lake  – 14 km –Easier

  • Stage N14: Mt. Kerkeslin – 19.1 km – Moderate

  • Stage N15: Athabasca Raft Pullout to Jasper – 19.6 km – Hard 


Please note the distances (km) on the charts below give an approximation and are not 100% accurate.