The South 6

6 Stages – 6 Runners.   105km.
JUNE 8 – 7:00am START
Get your team of 6 together for the South 6! 
Your team will complete the southern section of the Banff Jasper Relay.  Wrap the day up with a post event celebration in Banff at the Banff Ave Brewing Co!
The South 6 starts at Castle Mountain Junction, just North of the Banff townsite on the 1A Highway, and ends at Saskatchewan River Crossing.

Overview of Course Stages

Please review the Captains manual for reference and more detailed information. Important Bus Procedures for S2 and S3.

South phase – Lake Louise to Saskatchewan River Crossing 

  • Stage S1: Castle Mountain – 14.8 km – Easier

  • Stage S2: Baker Creek – 18 km – Moderate 

  • Stage S3: Herbert Lake – 20.3 km – Hard

  • Stage S4: Mosquito Creek – 16.1 km – Moderate

  • Stage S5: Bow Summit – 17 km –Moderate

  • Stage S6: Waterfowl Lake – 18.4 km – Moderate