Runner Info

 Participating in the Banff Jasper Relay is one of the most breathtaking experiences a runner could take part in. You will run amongst the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains with a stunning view around every corner. Here is some information, including some great race tips, to benefit and prepare you for this exciting journey. 

Registering as a runner to your team

Your team captain is provided with a link for registering runners upon their confirmation of the team’s registration. Please contact your team captain to obtain the link to register as a runner.

Tips for filling out the runner registration form:

  • All fields must be completed.

  • Make sure there are no spelling errors.

  • Don’t use all capital letters (ex: JOHN DOE). Capital letters should be used such as at the beginning of your first and last name and in the necessary places within your address.

  • Full first and last names for yourself and for your emergency contact are required.  Also, avoid using nicknames.

Race results are generated with the information you include in the form – so you’ll want to be sure it’s correct and complete.

Contribution to the registration fees

Each runner is responsible for paying a share of the total registration costs. Your team captain will tell you how much you owe. Fees are based on date of registration – early bird or regular registration fees. 

Your part of the registration fee is to be paid directly to your team captain, who will submit the full amount to The Banff Jasper Relay Society.

Registration fees are non-refundable, regardless of injuries or cancellations.

Withdrawing from your team

Things happen and occasionally runners have to withdraw from the relay. If you can’t participate, contact your team captain right away. As part of your commitment to the relay, you are responsible in helping the captain find another runner. Each team must have 15 runners.

Those who drop out generally forfeit their registration fee and their fee is applied to the replacement runner, however this can be agreed upon with your team captains.


Talk to your team captain the strategy about booking the team’s accommodations. Most captains will have their runners book their own rooms at a designated hotel.  A special discounted rate is typically available for Banff Jasper Relay participants.

Let your team captain know about your accommodation plans. We advise that teams stay at the same hotel or location – this makes it easier for information from the pre-race captain’s and volunteer meetings to be shared with the team before the race. This information is vital for the success of the run. Please note, there is little-or-no cell coverage along the Banff Jasper Relay course.

Runners wishing to share a room with family, friends or significant others may do so at their own cost.  However, guests are not eligible for the Banff Jasper Relay room discounts if they are staying in their own room and not with a runner or an officially assigned volunteer.

All guests present on the racecourse are required to follow the rules, regulations, safety precautions and protocols. They will be required to purchase tickets for the post-race dinner party if they wish to attend. 

Race information

The team captain is ultimately responsible for making sure all runners are provided with information about the rules and regulations of the race, as well as safety precautions and protocols. However, each individual runner is responsible to know and understand this information and is prepared for race day. Please review the information available on this site – especially the captain’s manual (2022 manual will be available closer to the relay date).

We want all runners to have a successful day. Make sure you know who your team captain is and how you to contact them. By keeping in touch with your captain, you will have all the information you need to be prepared for race day.

If your captain can’t provide you with the information you’re looking for, contact the Banff Jasper Relay Team at