To ensure an enjoyable and memorable event, it is critical to be prepared to spend a day in the mountains. The relay runs through two of the most majestic National Parks in Canada. Mountain ranges anywhere are known for their unpredictable weather patterns and the Canadian Rockies are no exception. One side of the Bow Summit may see you start your stage running in shorts under a warm sun only to find driving snow greet you as you gain the pass. Following is an equipment list intended to ensure your team members are prepared.

Important note: There is NO cell phone coverage on 90% of the race course.  Please plan accordingly.

  • High Visibility vests Class 1, 2 or 3 only  (see Race Rules – every runner and support person must wear a high visibility vest). Each 15 person team is provided 4 vests.  6 and 9 Person teams are provided 2 vests.

This is not enough vests for support personnel and runners on both phases so please purchase additional vests. 
Order additional vests during the registration process.  Or purchase more here


    • Parks Canada Vehicle Pass (see Race Rules)
    • First Aid Kit
    • Race numbers and pins (provided at the captains meeting)
    • Water (lots of water! There are no water stations on this course)
    • Ice
    • Food and snacks (for before, during, and after running)
    • Rain gear 
    • After run clothes (full change)
    • After race party clothes!
    • Warm sweater/sweats
    • Hats (sun and cold weather)
    • Gloves/mitts
    • Sunscreen
    • Equipment bags for Stage S1 and Stage S2 runners (see Race Rules)
    • Cameras and lots of memory cards
    • Hiking gear for the other days you are in the parks!