<<Volunteer Manual>>

Volunteers are the backbone of any type of sporting event. This race truly would not be possible without you! We appreciate all of the support and hard work from our volunteers. Thank you!

Why volunteer? 

    • To fight against brain tumours by helping to support an event that raises funds for The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

    • Help promote the sustainable and responsible enjoyment of Canada’s National Parks.

    • To have a great team building experience through your involvement at a fun event in a fabulous outdoor environment.

    • To contribute to the continued success and enjoyment of an exciting event that has a long and rich heritage.

    • Volunteers receive an invitation to join the runners and all the other volunteers at the awards dinner where you get to enjoy an excellent pasta dinner, the fantastic beer from the Jasper Brewing Co., and then dance the night away at the greatest dance party in Jasper! 

    • A special volunteer package for volunteers compliments of The Jasper Brewing Co.


Volunteer duties

    • Carefully read the entire volunteer’s manual. 

    • Exchange point setup and tear down

    • Monitoring runner exchanges

    • Traffic control

    • Read the volunteer manual for detailed role descriptions


The Banff Jasper Relay’s goal is having fewer volunteers and utilizing their time more effectively by having them leapfrog the runners and work at more than one exchange point. That is why we created the LEAPFROG system of volunteering.

People that volunteer for this assignment will be busy all day. The Banff Jasper Relay may be provided accommodation in Jasper (four people per room) for those who volunteer for a LEAPFROG assignment.

If you are interested in being part of a leapfrog team, please signup on our volunteer page.