Runner Tips

Here are a few tips for runners to help you make your experience at the Banff Jasper Relay a great one!

First step

Read the captain’s manual.  Make sure you communicate with your team captain and team members so that you know what the plan is on race day!


Accommodation books up fast from Banff all the way to Jasper. Please book your accommodation early!

Maps and directions

Review available maps or diagrams. Know the location of your stage and the direction you will be running in.

Support vehicle drivers and familiarize yourself with the racecourse and estimated driving times.


Start your training program well in advance. Slowly build up your routine to help in preventing over-use and strain injuries.

Our race director recommends trying to complete a half marathon prior to the relay.


Pack adequate clothing! Weather in the Rocky Mountains can be unpredictable. It can be sunny, rainy, windy, cold, or even snowing during the same race day!


Equip your support vehicle with the snacks you need. Bring lots of WATER and your favorite sports drink.

Finally, bring the love!

If you pass a race director or volunteer, give ’em a smile, thumbs up or shout out. And don’t forget to have fun!